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We are currently modifying our pricing and product structure to move the majority of our products to FREE SHIPPING. However, it seems the online store has some problems that we have not been able to locate. As of now, our store will try to charge you a LARGE sum for shipping or give you FREE SHIPPING for everything. Neither of these is correct. For the record, each and every item on our store that in fact ships for FREE has "This item ships for FREE!" in the item description. For everything else, a shipping invoice will be sent. If you have a mixture of Free and not Free items, we will calculate an overall shipping cost and give credit for the items that do ship for Free.

We sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding and are working towards a solution for the online store. If you ordered something with the expectation that shipping was FREE and it is not one of our ships FREE Items, we will gladly refund the order immediately upon request.

Thank You for your understanding!

Welcome to Radiant Holidays!

Our Annual SPT Wire and Plug Pre-Sale is COMPLETE! With only some minor exceptions, all of our pre-sales items have shipped!

We are now on Facebook!

Welcome to the Radiant Holidays (formerly WLC Ventures) On-Line Store. The shipping manager is disabled and we are moving to include the shipping costs in the base price as mentioned above. For those items not listed as FREE shipping, we will still continue to send shipping invoices on an as needed basis.

Due to logistical reasons, we can not longer guarantee that orders placed separately will ship together. This has been a large part of why the previous backlogs have occurred. We have spent a large amount of time trying to consolidate different orders and it just is not working. If you want an orders shipped complete, please let us know when you order!

We would ask that if you are new to Radiant Holidays, that you take time to read our FAQ as some of your questions may be answered there. If you see a question that needs to be added, please let us know. The emphasis on how we handle shipping and what "In-Stock" means are both of primary importance.

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