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Stocking Levels

It's that time of year when things literally get down to the wire. We have good stock on most parts and kits. However, it appears that our stock of TA200s and CG500s is almost completely gone. Unfortunately, it takes us several weeks to get new stock which means it is really too late to order any more for this season. We had a good stock of CG-1500s and that is going fast.

Note on C7 and C9 LED Bulbs

We have had a real problem with our inventory of both C7 and C9 LED Bulbs. The original inventory was entered in number of bulbs rather than "Packages" of 25. Needless to say we have sent our a few refunds and apologies over this. The inventory of available bulbs has been completely updated as of 11/3/2013.

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Welcome to the Radiant Holidays On-Line Store.

Due to logistical reasons, we can not longer guarantee that orders placed separately will ship together. This has been a large part of why the previous backlogs have occurred. We have spent a large amount of time trying to consolidate different orders and it just is not working. If you want an orders shipped complete, please let us know when you order!

We would ask that if you are new to Radiant Holidays, that you take time to read our FAQ as some of your questions may be answered there. If you see a question that needs to be added, please let us know. The emphasis on how we handle shipping and what "In-Stock" means are both of primary importance.

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