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dirkcheap SSR Order

Our order of dirkcheap SSR boards has arrived! We have 1,000 of these ready to go. We have the parts for the kits as well and will try to get the quantities updated for our store as soon as possible!.

Welcome to Radiant Holidays!

Welcome to the Radiant Holidays On-Line Store. Have you seen shows like The Great Christmas Light Fight? Many of those winners over the years got there controllers, plugs, and wire here! This is your DIY place to find Holiday Lighting! Let us help you get your display into these great shows!

Why Buy a Controller Kit from Radiant Holidays

  • Get all the parts from one vendor including items you cannot get from the likes of Mouser! Heck, we include parts that you need but are not even listed on the Bill of Materials!
  • Price! Just as an example, the Renard Plus TR24 BOM from one popular vendor is over $90 not including shipping. It also will not include the PCB…Another $14.50, nor the Thermal Paste and mounting hardware…Another $2-3. This is a 12.5% savings based on our non-discounted LIST PRICE! And who pays lists price?
  • We use special Anti-Static packaging and individual part labels that keep your parts organized. You only open what you need when you need it.
  • Our packaging material is 2 Mils thick! This helps protect your parts from damage.
  • We package parts in the ORDER they are to be used! This is a great help to staying organized during assembly.
  • We know the parts! And those pesky part numbers. “I will just get my own parts from other vendors”…Well, it’s very easy to get a 10 Mega Ohm resistor when you need a 10 Kilo Ohm Resistor!
  • We know the parts #2...see an "End of Life" or "Obsolete" in parts list? Well, we already have it covered. No worries about "what part do I substitute?" The experts have taken care of that already.
  • We are not like other kits...ever get a ziplock bag full of mixed up individual labels? No Anti-Static packaging?
  • We also have Heat Sink Kits for each Controller type. Same high-quality packing and materials...try getting those at Tayda!
  • Oh wait, we also have the enclosures! And SPT wire and plugs for your channel outputs!
  • Risk: There is no such thing as No Risk when it comes to a controller kit. You still have the assembly and testing and each individual has a different level of skill. However, with a kit from Radiant Holidays, you know you have the right parts. Want cheap? Thinking of trying Alibaba? Well, we can tell you from experience that very few folks have the expertise to know what a counterfeit part looks like…even fakes look like the REAL THING. You won’t know until you troubleshoot your non-working board or you start to lose channels in the middle of your show. DO NOT TAKE THE RISK!!


Many our products now have shipping included within the Continental United States. This makes our initial posted prices to appear quite high at first glance, to be honest. But, in actuality, the price is the lowest for a SHIPPED item! We ask that you compare shipped not get fooled by a really low listed price only to get blasted by sky high shipping costs! Many times, the shipping cost will only be sent AFTER you order and commit your hard earned money!

Now it should not be a surprise that one item cost more to ship on a per item basis than 2, or 3, or more. So to compensate for ordering multiple items, our checkout system looks at your entire order, then gives you a quantity discount DURING checkout. These quantity discounts are shown in the item detail. What is not shown is that these discounts are "category" based. For instance, ordering 1 Male Vampire Plug Set, 3 Female Vampire Plug Sets and 1 Inline Vampire Plug Set will give you the discount level for 5 items. We ask that if you have any questions, that you contact us via email with them!

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