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Renard Plus

From the very active Developers at Renard Plus you find a selection of Controller Kits with great documentation! The Renard Plus line is the latest generation of Renard boards. Now the question always comes up.."Why another Renard Board. Well here are few features that make the Renard Plus line different.
  • No External Cystal Required
  • Dual Voltage for Use Around the World
  • Smaller Footprint, less expensive PCB
  • Higher Amp Outputs (for those boards with Power Outputs)
  • Integrated Wireless Support - Just drop a jumper and stick the XBee SnapIn in place
  • One Microprocessor instead of 2, 3 or more
  • On Board Programming for Microprocessor via ISCP Header. There is no need to remove the chip and risk damaging the pins!
  • Overal, the Renard Plus line uses fewer parts than the alternatives. This means fewer solder joints and a corresponding reduction in the risk of having a bad joint.
  • PIC Bypass Mode: Allows the User to deactivate the Renard "Data Eating"

FeatureRP32TR24 TR16LCC16RGB24
Channel Count3224/161624
Input Voltage9-220 VAC12-220 VAC12-220 VAC5-24 VDC
Outputs per Bank/per ChannelSSR Control Only15A/4A6A/1ASSR Control Only
DimmableYes, 8 Bit PWM
Status IndicatorsYes
Channel IndicatorsNo
Control LogicRenard, DMX (Future)
Communications InputsRS232 or RS485
Communications OutputsDaisy Chainable, RS485
WirelessYes via XBee Snap In
Programming MethodOn Board via ICSP Header

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