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Demarcation Enclosures

We get a lot of questions about which enclosure works with which board. We cannot cover every board out there but below are some guidelines. If you know of a board that is not listed, please let us know and we will add it to the list. Remember that any controller can fit any any larger enclosure. However, some are specifically designed with mounting holes matched up to a certain enclosure.


This enclosure is also used for some of RJ's designs


The CG-500 is a smaller version of the CG-1000 below. Known systems that require the CG-500


Specifications for the CG-1000 can be found here. The CG-1000 can be used for the following systems:

*The mounting holes for many of the Renard Plus boards are actually designed for the CG1500. The Radiant Holidays Mounting Kit allows you to use the more suitable CG-1000 for these designs.

The CG-1000 comes 10 to a case but you are not limited to buying case quantities. However, shipping for these items is not inexpensive. They are bulky and heavy. Keeping your order to case quantities will give you be the best overall price delivered to your door.


The CG-1500 is sort of an oddball. It is deeper, wider and taller than the CG-1000 but is also much heavier (2.6 lbs compared to 1 lbs for the CG-1000). Some DIYCer's prefer the deeper box as there is more room. This can be used on the same systems as the CG-1000. However, the cost is much higher given the weight change. Specific Models that are known to REQUIRE the CG-1500


The CG-2000 is used for the Renard 24SS (NOT the Renard 24 or the Renard 24HC). This is a longish rectangular enclosure that are about 1.6 lbs each. They come 10 to a case.
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