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Shipping Status

Welcome to the Radiant Holidays order status page.

As we sell many different types of products with wildly different lead times, we have created this page in an effort to keep everyone informed of where we are at with certain items.

We have no current Pre-Sales ongoing so there is not much to update. Most all of our products are in stock and ready to move!

Order Processing: This is when we take your online order and create a Sales Order in our Financial Software. Once your order is "processed" it will go to one of several Statuses. Some changes have been made to allow you to check to see if your shipping invoice has been sent. We are having major problems with some email providers, like Yahoo treating our emails as spam.
  • Accepted: This means we have the parts and you are in the queue for a Shipping Invoice. Please remember that we may a number of customers in front you!
  • Shipping Invoiced: This means we have emailed you an Invoice for shipping and are waiting on that to be paid.
  • Group Buy: This means you have participated in a large buy that is ordered and is due on a specific time frame. The most current example is the Vampire Plugs listed below.
  • Back Ordered: Okay, you have ordered something that we are either out of stock OR we have not received (something we have on order). Due to the way this sites software is made, "In Stock" does not always mean its really in stock. If in doubt, ask. If you need something by a specific date...Talk to us FIRST! To get these prices we keep our overhead so low that it takes a while to ship some items.
  • Shipped: Well if you have to ask what this one means...then I am sorry for you! :D
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