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About Us

WLC Ventures was founded in late 2010 and became Radiant Holidays in June 2013. The initial reason behind it were the new IRS rules governing reporting of sales income from the likes of Paypal. It turned out that we exceeded all those rules the previous year. About the same time, put an end it's retail business. After some hard negotiating with several potential replacements, we decided that the best value for the DIYC community was to source the Keptel Enclosures direct from the manufacturer, AFL Telecommunications.

Radiant Holidays is a home operated company. We do have a business address that is used for the large volume of packages and mail that come in but this endeavor is run out of our shop. Now this is a business and the full intention is to make small but reasonable profit.

Customer Service

We are a part time business with zero employees as I cannot count my kids. We handle orders, shipping and packing 1-2 days each week. As we say in this community, "we have lives outside Blinky Flashy." Sometimes it takes a while for us to get to your orders. Sometimes, its hard to find the time to personally take an international package to the Post Office. I also have a day job that keeps me very busy and sometimes I end up away from home for periods of time. If you have any concerns about when things will happen, please send us an email. If you have a specific time frame where you need something by a specific date, please let us know BEFORE you order!!

Terms of Sale

This is the legal side but I have make sure everyone knows what this means. We sell parts and boards and kits for the hobbyist. All items sold here are for use at your own risk as WLC Ventures LLC cannot be responsible for how they are built or used. No warranties are included whether expressed or implied. In some instances, I can get a vendor to replace some items under warranty but this is on a case by case basis. Some of the products here are UL listed but NOT FOR THE APPLICATION in which the Blinky Flashy community uses them ("community" means DIYC, DLA, PC or any other group). Once again, its use at your own risk! A more formal legal version of this is found in our Terms and Conditions upon checkout.


We have worked on getting some decent pricing from UPS. We prefer UPS as their tracking number system is much more robust and timely than USPS. However, for small items that fit in Flat Rate boxes or is less than 13 oz, USPS will be the most economical. We do not mark up the pay the actual cost of shipping plus any special supplies.

Future Plans

Can you say LED lights? We have a supply of LED Strings incoming in 2015. We have also partnered with a longtime LED String wholesaler in the United States. These products should be listed on our site in early 2015. If you see a product that you think would benefit the community and fits in with the business philosophy of WLC Ventures LLC/Radiant Holidays, please let us know.

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