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Shipping & Returns


WLC Ventures LLC/Radiant Holidays offers "free shipping" for most of our products. We have several built in discount schedules to compensate for larger multiple orders.

The products sold on our site are very difficult to "predict" via a shipping calculator. Here is a prime example. A case of CG-2000's is right at 19 pounds. Now you would think that you have enough information to get an accurate shipping value. But the box sized must be considered as well. This case is 20.5" x 19" x 14.5" which makes this a "dimensional weight" shipment equaling about 37#. An example of this price difference is $16.38 vs an actual of $23.22.

In general, WLC Ventures LLC/Radiant Holidays reserves the right to invoice you an additional sum for shipping based on this information. We invoice only for the actual shipping cost and PayPal Fees so this is kept as honest as possible. Thanks, WLC Ventures
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